WMO Pakistan Chapter hosts Mr. Ahmed Sheikhani

by on 14 January 2021

The brotherhood and camaraderie between members of WMO Pakistan Chapter and WMO Middle East Chapter is legendary. They share a very warm and cordial relationship, wherein the Middle East Chapter is always on the forefront in collecting funds and supporting their brethren in Pakistan.

On the 13th of January – 2021, Mr. HM Shehzad (VP – WMO Pakistan Chapter) invited his counterpart from the Middle East – Mr. Ahmed Sheikhani and his trusted lieutenant Mr. Altaf Muhammad (Regional Treasurer – WMO MiddleEastChapter) to the iconic WMO house in Karachi where the Pakistan Chapter Regional Management Committee was awaiting to welcome them with open arms.

The top brass of the Middle East Chapter assured the gathering that they would continue their steadfast support towards the pertinent “Education for All” initiative, wherein they would donate towards a 1000 deserving primary education students and 250 higher education students from the underprivileged strata of Pakistan.

Mr. HM Shehzad thanked the Middle East delegates for their generosity and urged them for greater financial assistance in the future due to the prevailing pandemic. The coronavirus crisis has upended the lives of millions in Pakistan, with no clear end in sight and it will require the best of humanity to overcome.

Mr Ahmed Sheikhani promised to stand firm with Pakistan Chapter in their hour of crisis, giving yet another testament to the bonds that run so deep between both Chapters that they are practically one, big family. It also personifies the core belief of WMO – to transcend borders and unite all Mankind under it’s banner.

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