An Evening of Camaraderie, Friendship, and Fellowship

by on 16 January 2021

On the crisp winter evening of 15th January 2021, three gentlemen; Zikar Mehanti, Shafi Jhakvani, and Asif Abdul Karim hosted a grand dinner honoring the newly elected President of WMO Mr. Salman Iqbal, Mr. Ahmed Shaikhani VP Middle East Chapter, Mr. HM Shahzad VP Pakistan Chapter, Mr. Altaf Habib Jangda RSG Pakistan Chapter and the members of the newly formed RMC of Pakistan Chapter.

Apart from the esteemed members of the WMO RMC, the guest list also included the names of several heavyweights of the business community; namely Mr Arif Habib (Chairman Arif Habib Group), Mr Shariq Vohra (President Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Mr Hanif Lakhani (Vice President Federation of Chamber of Commerce and industry Pakistan), Mohsin Sheikhani (Patron in Chief ABAD), Fayyaz Illyas (President ABAD) along with members of the real estate community.
Mr Hanif Motlani (President APMF), in his speech congratulated the newly elected body and ensured the WMO President of his continued support towards the various causes running under the umbrella of WMO.

While acknowledging the untiring efforts of WMO, the articulate Mr Arif Habib spoke candidly and stressed upon the importance of education, suggesting that this should be one key focus area. Additionally, he also proposed that Memon owned businesses should prefer employing Memon talent and this practice should be propagated and promoted by all the Memon businesses operating globally. Assuring the WMO President of his continued support, Habib once again congratulated the entire newly elected body.

A brief address by Altaf Jangda was followed by Mr HM Shahzad’s speech where he highlighted MITI’s key contributions and emphasised that MITI is indeed fulfilling WMO’s promise of serving humanity by offering free vocational training in up to 63 trades. Hence MITI is creating small scale entrepreneurs who are equipped with skills making them see sufficient and enabling them to become the breadwinners of their families.

Finally, it was Mr Salman Iqbal’s turn to take the stage. He spoke eloquently and expressed his keen desire to emulate the message borne by the WMO logo of; Uniting, uplifting and upholding the Memon community around the world. Being tasked to carry on Haji Saab ARY’s legacy within the WMO, Salman went on to identify the four critical areas of focus which are Education, Health, Communications and Women Empowerment. Profusely, thanking everyone for their support Salman, walking in the shadows of Late Haji Saab ARY ended his speech with a clear vision for the organization; which is to take it to new heights by working together beyond borders so that no underprivileged person of the community anywhere in the world is left helpless.

The evening ended on this heartening note, followed by a sumptuous dinner.

By Reeda Sheikhani

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