Before you get any ideas just stop! If you have pre- conceived notions that Africa is a place where animals roam free and everyone has a lion in their back yard you’re barking up the wrong tree. In certain areas the memon community has drifted and it is through WMO that we are trying to bring back those families that have drifted away. Besides the need we have to reconnect with lost connections we also have a strong need to help those less fortunate than ourselves. The Youth wing has a few charitable organisations that they help out whenever possible and they are hoping to secure a charity where they can work together to help the less fortunate. The youth intends to hold a few social events with the next one coming up in February. There has also been a lot of active members from the youth division who are attempting to learn the language of memon.

The main body of the WMO youth chapter proudly hosted the 12th AGM of WMO & WMO CF which took place on the 7th and 8th of November 2014. The main body has many plans they wish to put forward during the year such as wheel chair collections, developing the WMO community hall and many other exciting projects to come through. This body of the Africa chapter is currently under the Presidency of Mr. Solly Noor. Along with our main body and youth wing we have a very enthusiastic women’s wing, this wing is dedicated to extend a helping hand wherever possible and as a result the women’s wing plans to have a ramadaan distribution, iftaar with orphans, a wheelchair project and helping children with special needs. The President of the Womens wing is Mrs. Fazila A.K. Ismail

There are many other projects and events that we as WMO Africa intend to fulfil and we hope that we can share everything that happens in our part of the world.


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