Middle East


World Memon Organisation Middle East Chapter is one of the most diversified chapter consisting of multicultural business leaders. As diverse as Dubai is, the BOM of the Middle East is nothing but different. With memon families from Pakistan, India, Srilanka, South Africa, & UK residing in the United Arab Emirates, the Middle East Chapter has fragment of all the memon cultures and heritage.

With two of the founders (Late Haji Abdul Razzak & Late Aboobakr Cassim) forming the core of WMO and WMO Middle East, there is a sense of pride in all actions and duties performed by the members of the community. WMO Middle East Chapter actively takes part in collecting funds for the less fortunate and also endorses some of the WMO projects in Pakistan & India.

The Middle East Chapter has three active wings consisting of a main body, ladies wing & a youth wing. All the three wings are much diversified in their own qualities and ideas adding to the dynamic composition of the chapter.  Over the years WMO Middle East has hosted the most events, partly due to the founders living in Dubai in the early stages of WMO.

The youth wing though has taken over as the most active wing out of the three in M.E Chapter. Since its inception in 2013, the youth wing alone has hosted 13 events and launched the e-newsletter by the youth of memons around the world. With a variety of events covering education, networking, sports etc the youth wing of Middle East is rising star under the WMO’s proud history.

The ladies wing also plays its part in actively putting up events & different campaigns to serve the community in the best way possible.


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