International Ladies Wing

Ms Memuna Darvesh Chairperson +971043492345 [email protected]
Ms. Khudaija Suliman Africa +27828387298 [email protected]
Ms. Samina Dada Variend America +16309153232 [email protected]
Ms. Shamim Osman Europe +447956461725 [email protected]
Ms. Shazia Sangani Far East +94777340501 [email protected]
Ms. Shabana ARY Middle East +971504599206 [email protected]
Ms. Shabana Darvesh North India +919820040008 [email protected]
Ms. Raziya Chasmawala North India +919820319056 [email protected]
Ms. Farida Azeez South India +919880337306 [email protected]
Ms. Hamida Bawaney Pakistan +923008240521 [email protected]


Advisory Board (ILW)

Ms Fazila A K Ismail +27828554002 [email protected]
Ms. Hawabai Abdullah +923333151878 [email protected]
Ms. Aisha Anwer +923002529287 [email protected]

The WMO Ladies Wing after a considerable period of time was Alhamdulillah re-activated in 2012 with Ladies Representatives of all activates Chapters forming the Ladies Wing and starting to communicate among each other though emails and Conference calls. The culmination of these communications was the formations of the WMO International Ladies Wing Com at the 10th AGM held at London, UK with the following Office Bearers.

• Hawabai Abdullah :Pakistan
• Fazila AK Ismail : South Africa
• Shamim Osman : UK
• Shabana Darvesh : India
• Shazia Sangani : Sri Lanka
• Shabana ARY : Dubai

Representation from each Chapter was ensured to make the WMO International Ladies Wing a united voice that was fully represented by all the different chapters and to make mashura with all the representatives for their entire decision making. The sole aim is to promote teamwork and a sense of comradeship to eradicate the many social ills the world and the community faced.

The International Ladies Wing has 2 specific Projects under its wing which is carried out at Global level by all Chapters in addition.

The International Ladies Wing launched a Program to Support “Children with Special Needs”. The support will be provided to organizations in a member countries involved in helping CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS in form of financial and organizational support through this initiative. The Ladies Wing will closely work with identified organization to develop long term corporation in carrying out initiatives which will make a REAL differences in the lives of “Children with Special Needs” so that these children can grow up to be productive citizens in the world and gain acceptance in the society without any stigma attached to their disabilities.

1. Create a common Objective/Cause for all the Ladies Wings from different chapters would have an opportunity to come together for a common cause
2. Greater Participation of the Ladies and Youth in the activities of the WMO
3. Help Economically and Socially dis-advantaged children to progress in life and give them a second chance

An Art Competition was held among the Children of Community to design a LOGO for the project and the Winner Master Elan Gadit of UK was presented with a Lap Top by WMO President Abdul Satar Dada during the AGM

As an initial Fund Raiser all Chapters undertook to distribute Money Boxes (Tills) among the young children in the community, among Memon commercial organizations and other commercial establishments. The Tills will be collected by the Ladies wing every one month (or whenever a till is full) and the money will then be deposited in the WMO Chapter account for disbursement to the central body.

“Memon Connections ‘MC” is a service specially designed to help Memon Families find Life partners for their sons and daughters.
We appreciate the need to retain our culture, heritage and close family connection and hence through this service we hope to keep the bonds of the International Community of Memons intact. In an age when the community is spread far and wide globally, there is a lack of social opportunities to meet prospective Memon marriage partners, and we hope to bridge this gap through “Memon Connections”.

MC provides a confidential matrimonial “introductions” service that ensures privacy and anonymity. Once a prospective Boy/Girls information is uploaded into the Data Base, Ladies Wing Representatives from all Chapters will thereafter assist the families to find what there are you are looking for. Choosing a partner is a difficult task, it is a meeting of minds, attitudes, values, life styles and family expectations and through MC, and we will do our best to make the search easier and productive

This service is offered through a special section in the WMO Website. The spin off having this facility on our website has encouraged many parents to phone the facilitators requesting match making the orthodox way as many are still very conservative to the online approach. Many successful matches are accomplished this way

In addition to the International Projects, the Ladies wings at Local Chapter level have their own separate programs to encourage the participation of the Ladies in the WMO Activities