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by World Memon Organisationon 11 June 2021
Find attached newsletter highlighting all our activities and projects during the blessed month of Ramadan to date → Jazaakallah to all our Donors Your generosity and continued support has once again afforded us the opportunity to help the less fortunate Alhumdulillah.  

WMO North India Chapter Provides Relief Aid and Protective Rain Gear to 350 Families

by Shazly Makeenon 8 June 2021
Mumbai is a resilient city but the last few months have crushed its undaunted spirit. The city was already ravaged by the devastating second wave of the pandemic when it was battered by cyclone Tauktae. The daily wage earners were always struggling to bring food on the table due to the imposed Covid lockdown but […]

WMOME delivered food packs to underprivileged families that dwell in their corner of the World

by World Memon Organisationon 7 June 2021
In keeping with the bountiful spirit of giving during the Holy month of Ramadan, WMO Middle East Chapter delivered hundreds of food packs to underprivileged families that dwell in their corner of the World. This year the initiative transcends borders with 2750 packs being delivered across 5 countries and serving more than 11,000 families in […]

Memon Association of Greater Austin (MAGA) and WMO North America hosted a fundraising dinner in Austin

by World Memon Organisationon 7 June 2021
On the 5th of June, Memon Association of Greater Austin (MAGA) and World Memon Organisation North America hosted a fundraising dinner at the popular Zaviya Grill in Austin. The evening commenced with recitation of verses from the Holy Quran by brother Adnan. Funds were raised for the construction of an Islamic Center at the New […]

Vaccination Drive in Bangalore, Courtesy WMO South India Chapter

by World Memon Organisationon 7 June 2021
Vaccination drive in Bangalore has shifted into top gear, courtesy WMO South India Chapter.

The honourable Governor of Sindh donates a million Rupees to WMO

by World Memon Organisationon 2 June 2021
The honourable Governor of Sindh – Mr. Imran Ismail donated a million Rupees to the World Memon Organisation, firmly endorsing his unwavering support towards the organization. The distinguished statesman applauded the extensive humanitarian endeavours undertaken by the organisation to uplift Mankind. The visiting WMO delegation consisted of Mr. Salman Iqbal (President – WMO), Mr. Shoaib […]

MyownCup Menstrual Cup Project at Kgoro Ya Thuto

by World Memon Organisationon 1 June 2021
The excitement is palpable at Kgoro ya Thuto High school in Ratanda. Young girls gather with their chairs in the school courtyard and start placing them 1.5m apart. Nothing can stop us from having a success day. Covid protocols are being adhered by learners, teachers and those who are part of the event.MyownCup (proudly supported […]

Mr. Adil Azeez of WMO SIC elaborates on the medical insurance cover and the vaccination drive in India

by World Memon Organisationon 27 May 2021
Mr. Adil Azeez – Regional Secretary General of WMO South India Chapter elaborates on the vital medical insurance cover and the ongoing vaccination drive to safeguard the marginalised against the Corona pandemic in India. The interview was conducted on 24th May in Bangalore at the Columbia Asia Hospital, venue of the first phase of the […]

Barnet Food Hub Collaborates with WMO Food Program

by World Memon Organisationon 27 May 2021
We are grateful to Barnet Food Hub for collaborating with us on the WMO Food Program. With both organisations sharing the same ideology, it was only inevitable for their paths to align in their endeavours to uplift Mankind. WMO will continue to join forces with organisations such as the Barnet Food Hub to create an […]

Memon Indoor Premier League – UK

by World Memon Organisationon 22 May 2021
MIPL – UK Happening from June 25th to 27th from 10 AM onward. For details call +44 (0)73 982 46033 | [email protected]

𝘼𝙙𝙞𝙡 𝘼𝙯𝙚𝙚𝙯 leaves an indelible mark as he stands on the frontlines of the battle against a rampant Corona pandemic in India

by World Memon Organisationon 19 May 2021
As thick plumes of smoke billowing out of the countless blazing pyres, smother India, leaving her gasping for breath, there will be some men who will be remembered for their 𝙎𝙚𝙧𝙫𝙞𝙘𝙚𝙨 𝙩𝙤 𝙃𝙪𝙢𝙖𝙣𝙞𝙩𝙮 when all hope was lost. Their ability to think out of the box in the middle of a crisis, in the time […]

WMOSIC Activity Report – April to May 2021

by World Memon Organisationon 18 May 2021
The second wave of COVID-19 infections in India has seen record-highs of over 2,000 deaths and nearly 3 lakh cases recorded on a single day. Health systems in many parts of the country are completely overwhelmed, reports of oxygen shortage are pouring in, and as cases surge, some States have imposed local lockdowns. The second […]

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