The Memon Community in Europe is split in 4 main locations, Leicester, London, Dundee (Scotland) and Lisbon (Portugal). The main WMO registered office in the UK is based in London, about 100 miles south from Leicester. Most of the Memon Community in Europe has its roots in Africa and specifically Malawi and have made their homes in various locations within Europe. While the Memon community within Europe is ever growing, it is a smaller community in comparison to other parts of the world. Because of this, it is even more imperative that the Europe chapter maintains a strong link between the Memon community within Europe and the Memon community worldwide in order to preserve the heritage, unique qualities and values which we as Memons possess.

There are 2 main centres which are active within the Memon Community, firstly the Leicester Memon Centre and secondly the Memon Association UK. These 2 centres are very active and have regular activities going on throughout the year, not only in respect of community and religious events, but also events for good causes and to help people within the community. In example, recently the ladies wing of WMO Europe organised an activity day and collected circa. £2,000.00 to donate to MacMillan Cancer Research.

Other activities held by the organisations in the UK, include events such as a Youth Club, held on Friday evenings, an evening club for elderly members of the community and sports activities such as Cricket, Football, Volleyball and Carom tournaments. As well as being an opportunity for people of all ages to come together and interact in a healthy environment, it is also a means of maintaining links between people within the community, to exchange ideas and to discuss the issues which affect the lives of people on a daily basis.

The Europe Youth Wing has been set up not only to promote the main principles of the WMO, but to ensure that the younger members of our community understand the importance of our heritage and can continue its preservation in the future. To assist this process, the Youth Wing, as well as arranging other activities, has organised Memoni Bolo classes under the umbrella of International Youth Wing whereby those who speak little, or influent Memoni, can join a live chat and improve their Memoni language skills. This is a project which has proven to be popular especially in these times where a native language is not necessarily the first language spoken.

Effectively, the Europe Chapter appreciates the importance of its role to strengthen the Memon Community within this region and as a whole. It strives to help this cause as best as possible, to Unite, Uphold and Uplift the Memon community.


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