Stephen R. Lewis, in his book “Pakistan’s Industrial and Trade Policies” says: “It is admirable that the entrepreneurial skills of Memon community made up Pakistan’s economy in the early years. Muslim community who had migrated to Pakistan from India beat the fiscal odds and prominent among them were Memons.”

The Pakistan Chapter of the World Memon Organization is considered as the most active chapter. It has various schemes to provide housing to the shelter-less, financial assistance to needy school-going children, scholarships for higher education, micro finance loans to very small businesses, etc. It also has a very active Ladies Wing and Youth Wing.

The Memon Industrial & Technical Institute (MITI), a project of WMO, is a non-profit institute providing quality technical & vocational training to students from all segments of the society, especially the less-fortunate and poor students, in order to enable them to earn a decent livelihood. Since its inception in May 2009, the Memon Industrial & Technical Institute has trained over 50,000 male and female students.  The mission of World Memon Organization Pakistan Chapter is “EDUCATION FOR ALL”

World Memon Organization Pakistan Chapter has a privilege to publish “Memon Alam” monthly A worldwide magazine since April 2010. Memon Alam trust handed over the publications to WMO Pakistan chapter under the presence of Mr. Shoaib Ismail Mangoria, Vice President, WMO of that time and Mr. Umer A. Rehman Khanani, Managing trustee Memon Alam Trust on 23rd November 2009 at WMO House, Karachi. The ex-president of WMO, Haji Abdul Razzak Yaqoob (ARY), also graced the occasion. According to the MOU, the WMO will publish the Memon Alam from April 2010 issue onwards.

Under the supervision of WMO Pakistan chapter, two forces ladies wing and youth wing are active for good cause and to facilitate needy Memons.

Ladies wing is enthusiastically involved for betterment of Memons. Recently, a joint charity event was organized by ladies wing of World Memon Organization (WMO) in collaboration with Memon Medical Institute and Hospital (MMIH). The main purpose of the event was to create awareness about MMI hospital and Memon Industrial and Technical Institute (MITI).

Youth wing of WMO Pakistan Chapter is currently managed by Mr. Khurram Shehzad as Chairman, Mr. Waqar Mamdani Vice Chairman and Reeda Shekhani Secretary to preserve the culture and heritage in the future. In connection with the aim, youth wing has been organizing events like Think Wise for adults, Feminar specifically for females, Career day for job seekers and Spark for kids every year with renowned psychologists, mentors, trainers and career counsellors. Two big projects regarding career success for youth are in process. Moreover, the objective of WMO Pakistan chapter is to unite, uphold and uplift the entire Memon community residing in Pakistan in all aspects of life in accordance with Islamic principles.


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