The Memon – January 2020

by on 22 January 2020

From the Desk of the President.

Dear Ahmed Shaikhani bha and all Members of the Middle East Chapter

Assalamu Allaikum

On behalf of all the Office Bearers and visiting delegates, I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Middle East Chapter for hosting the 17th World Memon Organization AGM.

The meticulous arrangements, the innumerable, sumptuous dinners and the generous hospitality extended to all delegates were exceptional. The organisational skills displayed, with attention to the minutest details is highly appreciated.

Please convey our sincere appreciation to all the sponsors and well-wishers who made the AGM a grand success, courtesy their generosity and steadfast support towards WMO.

The warm friendship and camaraderie was on ample display in Dubai as it once again endorsed WMO as the global, umbrella organization which transcends borders and connects Memons from all corners of the World.

I conclude by stating that as we partake in the joys of our annual ritual of meeting each other at these wonderful AGMs, we mustn't forget the core ethos of WMO is to uplift our less fortunate brothers and sisters. As esteemed Trustees, Patrons and Members of the organization, it is our humble duty to contribute towards the many humanitarian causes undertaken by our Chapters across the globe. I look forward to your meaningful and invaluable contributions, both in the form of time and effort towards WMO because it is only when you give of yourself that you truly give.

Thank you. Yours in Service,

Suliman Noor Mahomed (Solly Noor)
President, World Memon Organization

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