Storm Catchers

by on 2 June 2018
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The Deluge

Since the 15th of May, heavy rains have lashed Sri Lanka, including the capital city of Colombo, heaping widespread damage across the nation and affecting more than a hundred thousand people.

Flash floods ravaged the country with fields and streets laying submerged. The incessant rains triggered landslides that threatened to engulf entire villages, bury families and homes. The Army has been deployed for relief and rescue operations. Many villages have been evacuated, thousands have been displaced from the comfort of their homes and the death toll is rising with each passing day.


World Memon Organisation

WMO has always answered the call of the unfortunate victims of a human tragedy or a natural calamity in any part of the World. The organisation has been on the forefront and has contributed in every possible way to alleviate the pain and misery of those who seek refuge under these tragic circumstances.

WMO Youth Wing - Far East Chapter

 The resilient Youth Wing of the Far East Chapter stepped up to the plate, braved the inclement weather and unflinchingly waded in neck deep waters to bail out the victims of this devastating tragedy. The regions around Malwana bore the brunt of the storm hence the 3 day operation undertaken by the youth wing was centred around the town. Malwana, situated on the banks of the overflowing Kelani river, 14 km north-west of Colombo has a significant Muslim population.

Operation Malwana

On the 24th of May, a team of youngsters reached Malwana. Two boats were hired to deliver relief aid to the flood victims stranded in their submerged homes which remained inaccessible by road.

Day One

The 3 day operation began with identifying the families that needed urgent attention. The team travelled from Colombo to Malwana by car, then walked in knee deep water and finally navigated in boats, the regions where the incessant rains had caused the water levels to swell, inundating homes and vehicles. The catastrophe had left behind a trail of human misery, there was no food, shelter or livelihood. A hundred families were earmarked for distribution of relief aid after ascertaining their needs. 

Day Two

The next day was spent in preparing the relief aid packs. Separate hygiene packs were put together for men, women and babies that included diapers, towels and bedsheets. Essential foods, medicines and household items were also added. The cost of each pack was around 1600 Sri Lankan rupees and the bulk of the funds were provided by the youth wing.

  • sugar 1kg
  • tea 200g
  • coffee 200g
  • milk powder 250g
  • fresh milk 5 packs
  • soaps 2
  • baby soap 1
  • baby diaper 1 packet
  • Panadol 2 strips
  • balm for pain relief
  • toothpaste 1
  • tooth brush 2
  • ladies sanitary 1 packet
  • biscuits 1 packet of 350g
  • washing powder 1 packet
  • bed sheets
  • towels

Day Three

The third day involved widespread distribution of the packs to maximum flood victims. The team of youngsters delivering a glimmer of hope through the gathering, dark clouds.

If there were any doubts that the World Memon Organisation worked for a particular community or religion, then this recent catastrophe has dispelled them all. Relief aid was distributed at the temples of Malwana where the faithfuls had gathered to escape the torrential floods. The priests showered their blessings on the gathered youth wing as they went about their task to serve all mankind.

The falling rains washing away the last remains of the ethnic divide.


Please contribute towards the pertinent cause of saving lives. Your timely donations help us to promptly deliver at the most vulnerable times.

The A team – Youth Wing  WMO Far East Chapter

  • M Saad Iqbal - Entrepreneur - Founder / CEO ( Hospitality Industry
    Vice Chairman - WMO Youth FEC
  • Sajeeth Ilyas - Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility / Entrepreneur
    Secretary - WMO Youth Wing FEC
  • Abdul Dhaiyaan Abdul Majeed - Proprietor/Director
    Treasurer - WMO Youth Wing FEC
  • Munaziya Imran Bhaila - Proprietor/ Lecturer
    Ladies Wing - WMO Youth
  • Saqib Sangani - Jewellery and Design Trade
  • Mohammed Rafeek Mohammed Sikander - Proprietor, Food and Beverage Industry
  • Saajith Muhammed Iqbal - Airline Pilot and Commander
  • Nushrath Sikander - Henna Artist
    Ladies Wing - WMO Youth
  • Mohamed Imran Iqbal - Proprietor
  • Akib Ashraff - Entrepreneur
    Media team - WMO Youth
  • Abdul Jabbar Abdul Razzak - Industrialist, Managing Director:  Sigiri Textile Industries (Pvt) Ltd & Partner of Sigiri Traders
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  • A.C. Saleem
    2 June 2018 at 11:12 am

    Well done youth wing. Keep up the good Saad and his team


  • Abdul Karim Yoosuf Lakhany
    3 June 2018 at 2:05 am

    Yes well very very WELL done Saad and Team keep it up May ALLAHRASOOL bless you all the strength, courage and the means to keep serving the Community in particular and ankind in general regards HajiKarim Lakhany WMOFC SriLanka


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