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The Memon – February 2021

by on 25 February 2021

Visionary, Media Mogul, Business Tycoon, Most Influential Muslim are just some of the enviable titles that Salman Iqbal holds in his endless repertoire.

But then we have already read extensively about the young media maven, the doyen of the Pakistan film industry, the astute businessman, the influencer, the cricket connoisseur and the game changer.

But did you know he was a shy, introvert child who stammered with his words. That he cycled for miles under the scorching desert sun to reach his favorite cricket grounds. How cricket changed his life. The friendships that he made for life, the men who were a profound influence in his formative years, the iconic city that summoned the many turning points in his life, the banker who accidentally entered the world of media and the lady he considers his lucky charm.

We present to you the friend you can trust your life with, the father who dotes on his every child, the boss you would give your right arm to work with, the son on whom his father can always lean on. The man who treasures loyalty, the business magnate whose word is his bond, the avid cricketer who brought the game back to his beloved Karachi.

The man with the Midas touch and a heart of gold.

We present to you the caring, the trusting, the motivational, the inspirational….. the exceptional Salman Iqbal.


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  • Haroon Kalla
    27 February 2021 at 4:57 am

    MashAllah congratulations to Salman Bhai and Mahmood Shaikane and the
    WMO team for their wonderful efforts . Allah bless them and their families .
    Allah bless the all those who have been involved
    in building the WMO . We also want to remember
    Hajee Abdul Razaak Yacoob for His sterling efforts in founding of the WMO . Allah grant Him Janatul Firdous . We also remember all our icons who have
    served the WMO with love and kindness Included among the many many great people who served the WMO we also want to thank . Uncle Settar , Uncle Solly , Iqbal Bhai , Nouwshad , Haroon , Faizel , Bashir and so many others who have sacrificed so much to ensure that the WMO flag is always flying .


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