Peckfarms Wellness Centre

by on 31 December 2019

On Friday 17th May 2019, WMO Africa Chapter along with members of the Memon community joined hands to raise funds for Peckfarms Wellness Centre. A rehabilitation centre that caters to those suffering from substance abuse and other physical addictions.

Being a Non-profit organization and barely sustaining the everyday needs of its facility or their Muslim residents, an appeal was made for assistance towards their monthly Ramadan groceries. WMO immediately took it upon themselves to purchase essential food items for the duration of the month, whilst the community members prepared a hearty meal and broke bread with the residents at iftar on the day of delivering the groceries.

It is very inspiring, yet emotional to spend an iftaar with those who are constantly battling towards living a fuller, healthier and happier life. Trying to once again contribute towards society in a positive way and rebuilding their relationships with their loved ones, whom they have lost because of the circumstances. The program for the evening included Taraweegh salaah, where we were once again amazed by the soulful renditions of verses from the Holy Quran, eloquently recited by the very residents of this facility. The evening ended with a note of thanks and appreciation for one and all – the hosts, our generous donors and those who took out time from their busy schedules to bask in the company of some very motivated individuals.

We make dua that Allah Swt grant strength to the ailing, accept our humble efforts and reward our donors with abundance for their kindness.


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