In order better coordinate the work of the WMO all over the world, Regional chapters have been established under the WMO Constitution with a separate Board of Management appointed at each Chapter to carry out the Aims and Objectives of the WMO in an effective manner.

Each Chapter is headed by a Vice President (VP), Asst Sec General (ASG), Regional Treasurer (RT) and Board Members consisting of elected members and Trustees and Patrons residing within the Chapter Countries

The VP of each Chapter is also a member of the Executive Committee (Exco), which together with the Office Bearers is responsible for the Operational Management of the WMO

The Chapters of the WMO are
1. Africa Chapter (AC)
2. Europe Chapter (EC)
3. Far East Chapter (FC)
4. India Chapter (IC)
5. Middle East Chapter (MEC)
6. North America Chapter (NA)
7. Pakistan Chapter (PC)