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WMO Quarterly Report Q1 – 2021

by on 30 April 2021

Dear WMO Members Assalaamu Alaykum Ramadhan Kareem

This is the first quarterly report in this term of office and it is our intention to keep you updated about the work and progress of the WMO throughout the next 3 years inshallah

We believe effective communication with the membership base of the WMO is the bloodline of our organisation That is why you will have witnessed more posts on social media about the work and output from the various Chapters and our Office Bearers, since the start of this year when the new team commenced its work having been elected to office at the Management Committee meeting on 19 th December 2020

We pay tribute to the previous team led by our Ambassador President Solly Noor Bha for the sterling work he and his team produced in the years they served It was a mammoth effort on their part, served with dignity, selfless dedication and sacrifice We salute the entire team!

The new team led by our very talented and dynamic duo of Salman Iqbal Bha and Mahmood Shaikhani Bha has got off to a swift and purposeful start with many meetings, administrative and infrastructure issues delivered in the first quarter already Plans to implement an ambitious and unique range of projects and programs are well under way and the team looks forward to delivering the same as the year rolls out so please watch this space!!

Like with any new administration it takes time to settle down and for all to understand the new modus operandi of this younger dynamic team Whilst there is no substitute for experience, I am sure with time and the essential cooperation from our previous office bearers and senior officials of the organisation we will achieve the results we all want to see inshallah For sure we all want to see the same which is for our organisation to flourish and grow from strength to strength by serving more of those who need help the most With time and dedication the new team will apply the immense talent that prevails to ensure we get closer to the aspirations of our founding fathers inshallah

We hope you will find the contents of this summary presentation informative and helpful

Finally, we pray for the Maghfirah of all those we have lost and hope that you all enjoy the Blessings and Rahma of this most beautiful of months – Aameen


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  • Shoaib Ghaziani
    30 April 2021 at 1:50 pm

    Memon Census is also need to understand the economical, educational, social, status of our community.
    This data will guide us how to help our community.
    We should set the target to collect data by 2022.

    In Pakistan, WMO has data of about 43000 familes


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