WMO Celebrates International Women’s Day

by on 8 March 2016

Mumbai, 8 March:

Wmo’s international program for women’s empowerment WOW participated in a joint Women’s day celebration with other NGO’s. The day began with a yoga session. Then distribution of 1000 shampoos, sanitisers and other women’s products were given out. It ended with all the women from the NGO’s brainstorming session on how to come together and do large scale women’s empowerment and girl child education programs.02

The participants were :

  • Sana Shakoor
  • Imran Shamin Gani
  • Fabiha Patel01

Activists :

  • Nazneen Khatri
  • Archana Sharma

The participating NGO’s were :

  • WOW by World Memon Org.
  • Mumbai Rotary Club
  • Shadaab Patel & Fabiha Patel Trust
  • Umeed Foundation
  • Umang Foundation
  • IDF Charity

03Colombo, 5 March:

Health and Nutrition Day organised by WMO Far East Youth Wing – WOW team.
50 women participated in this fun yet informative day. The day commenced with a discussion on nutrition and the benefits of eating right. As they say the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, it’s important that the woman of the house knows exactly what to put on the plates. Food can be medicine or poison, a simple choice to eat healthier is often life altering and ensures a disease free existence.0504

The next segment naturally flowed into a live cooking demonstration where healthy recipes were exchanged. The women were taught how to make a low calorie meal options from home.


Games and activities such as food based riddles and brain storming sessions were held followed by lunch.07

A breast and cervical cancer awareness workshop was held for signs of early detection, prevention and cure.

06Finally the day ended on a DIY (do it yourself) fitness session for weight loss which women can easily do from the comfort of their homes.
Women’s empowerment is incomplete without women’s health and happiness. A healthy woman is a happy woman.

The team was led by Nushrath Sikander and the WOW team members of Far East chapter are as follows:

  • Saadiya dhaiyaan
  • Mariam jameel
  • Maryam Imtiaz
  • Moin althaf
  • Firoza saeed
  • Rehab Hassam
  • Sumaiya Ameen
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