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The 1st RMC Meeting of WMO Pakistan Chapter for the Year 2020-23

by on 7 February 2021

The 1st Regional Management Committee (RMC) meeting of WMO Pakistan Chapter for the year 2020-23 was held on 6th February 2021 at Karachi Gymkhana.

The meeting was conducted by HM Shahzad (Regional Vice President), Altaf Habib Jangda (Regional Secretary General), Arsalan Nara (Regional Treasurer).

The Meeting was attended by following members:

TRUSTEES: Shoaib Ismail, Ashraf Machiyara, Amin chapal, Ilyas Muhammad

PATRONS: Hawa Abdullah

ELECTED MEMBERS: Hanif Ishaq, Zahid Piprani, Reyaz Ahmed, Gul Muhammad, Altaf Vayani, Waqar Mamdani, Reeda Sheikhani, Hamida Bawany,Musaab Vindhani

APEX BODYS: Abdul Aziz Memon King, Hanif Motlani

GUESTS & OBSERVERS: Altaf Muhammad (Regional Treasu, Middle East Chapter), Jawad Choksi, Khurram Shahzad, Khubaib Farooq.

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  • Aurangzeb Afridi
    17 February 2021 at 4:21 pm

    great peple. great work.
    longlive the memon group of industries and WMO. go ahead for the poor and needy people of backworld areas in pakistan. thanking you all. egards


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