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by on 6 November 2017

World Memon Organisation stands firm, shoulder to shoulder with the Rohingya community during these uncertain times.

After assessing the grim situation at the Refugee camps along the Bangladesh – Myanmar border, WMO Far East Chapter team has collaborated with a couple of humanitarians from UK to make a tangible difference on the ground; to alleviate the pain and ease the hardships endured by the Rohingyas, dwelling in the subhuman conditions of the uninhabitable Balukhali camps.

The WMO Project is aptly named – Aman.


WMO Far East Chapter team is helmed by it’s former VP and WMO stalwart – Mr. AC Saleem. The team members include Dr. Haroon Amdani (VP – Far East Chapter), Mr. Anjum Asmath (Regional Treasurer) and Mr. Shahid Sangani (COO – WMO)

The gentlemen from UK are business partners of Mr. Bashir Sattar (Founding Trustee of WMO) – Mr. Amir Farooq and Mr. Adil Abbasi who are literally doing most of the heavy lifting on the ground at the camps.

  • Preparation
    • Registration of 300 families, almost 1200 members, in a designated area of the camp will be catered to and taken care of, under the Aman project.
    • Formation of a supply chain to receive and distribute relief aid on a regular basis to the earmarked families
    • Engaging, Corresponding and establishing Communication links with community leaders of the Rohingya clan.
  • Food Distribution on a Weekly basis
    • 300 food packs. Each pack contains 10 kg rice, 2kg lentils, 2kg onions, 1 litre cooking oil, 2kg potato, 1kg salt, 1 kg of sugar and spices. Each pack feeds a family of 4 for 7 to 10 days
    • 150 packs of baby milk for infants and children
  • Relief Goods Distribution
    • 500 Solar powered lamps for Shelters
    • 2,000 pairs of clothes for men, women and children
    • 500 sanitary sets. Each set contains a body soap, towels, soap to wash clothes, nail clippers, comb and razors
    • 500 metres of tarpaulin to build shelters and overheard roofs.
    • Floor mats to sleep on
    • Battery Flashlights to navigate in the dark at night
    • Utensils
    • Firewood for Cooking
  • Sanitation and Construction Projects
    • 4 deep water tube wells with depths ranging to over 150 feet to supply clean drinking water
    • 4 separate bathing areas for women and children
    • 46 toilets
    • 2 bridges
    • Brick Stairways
  • Medical Camps
    • Doctors from across the globe are attending to the Refugees.
    • Distribution of Medicines to treat the common ailments of diarrhoea, tapeworm and high fever.
    • Testing and Treatment of Tuberculosis.
  • Future Projects
    • Establishment of a School
    • Masjid
    • Medical Camps in conjuction with BRAC (Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee) : In 6 months, we intend to cover 12 camps, treating on an average, 600-800 ailing refugees everyday.

Funds have been pouring in from around the World for this pertinent cause but much more is needed. As we distribute food packs to the gathered children, queuing up to collect their weekly food ration, some are rummaging through the relief goods containers filled with the usual – flashlights, soaps, candles, utensils, terpal sheets, floor mats, brooms and clothes. The new arrivals are carpets for the Masjids and a few elementary picture books for kids. As the construction work is underway for the school and masjid in the distance, its heartening to see a few children pounce on the books, rather than the “much in demand” colourful T-shirts.

Another day has passed and as the sun sets over the Balukhali camp, the faithfuls congregate to offer their Magribh prayers. We lay out the carpets and join the others to perform Salaah. The Imaam aptly recites Surah Al-Inshirah. His melodious voice fills the air and the translation of each verse flashes before my eyes –

Inna maAAa alAAusri yusran
Verily, with the hardship, there is relief


As he ends on the most wonderful note

Wa-ila rabbika fairghab
And to your Lord (Alone) turn (all your intentions and hopes and) your invocations. 

My heart is at peace.

A wry smile escapes my lips. Who would have thought that we would find peace in this part of the World – filled with torment, sorrow and eternal suffering but the Lord works in mysterious ways. And then again, we did name our Project – ‘Aman’ which translates in the language of the Rohingya to ‘Safety, Comfort and Peace’

We hope and pray that the Almighty brings an end to the violence, hatred and discord. Help us accomplish the goals, we set out to achieve. Grant us Peace which is True, Perfect and Everlasting.


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  • feizul ayob
    6 November 2017 at 6:50 pm

    this is an excellent initiative from WMO.The Africa Chapter is pleased to have contributed a substantial amount towards this disaster in Refugee camps in Bangladesh


    • Liyakat Hameed
      7 November 2017 at 4:43 pm

      The Europe Chapter/Portugal is pleased to know also congratulating WMO and WMO Far East Chapter for the work been done in Refugee camps in Bangladesh – Myanmar border


  • Rizwan Merchant (HOME)
    6 November 2017 at 11:44 pm

    Mashallah !
    May Allah subhana wa taala bless and reward my Memon brothers with the choicest of his blessings in this world as well as the world of Aakhirah !
    Aameen summa Aameen


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