Kerela – “God’s own Country” faces His Wrath

by on 29 August 2018

Since the onset of the South West Monsoons in India, torrential rains have been pummelling the southern state of Kerala, including the financial capital and port city of Kochi, heaping widespread damage across the reigon.

Floods ravaged the state with fields and streets lying submerged. In some areas, the incessant rains, combined with the opening of floodgates of the overflowing dams causing water levels to swell to an astounding 8 feet, inundating homes and vehicles. The accompanying tropical storms triggered landslides that engulfed entire villages, buried families and homes.

The unrelenting monsoons have left in its wake, total devastation. The torrential rains affecting millions, displacing hundreds of thousands from the comfort of their homes, with the death toll rising with every passing week.

As the monsoon fury subsides, rescue operations are underway, the army is on the ground, relief camps have mushroomed across the state and contributions from around the World are pouring in. WMO is contributing 50 thousand dollars towards the cause and India Chapter is doing its bit by sending a team to Kerala with relief aid.

The rains have left the state battered, bruised and broken but we remain unwavering in our commitment, unyielding in our determination and undefeated in our resolve. WMO stands firm, shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters in Kerala, often called "God's own Country". And although it is facing His wrath, it will never be Forsaken.

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