International Youth Projects

by on 3 January 2016

There are five International Youth Wing initiatives that are working towards the betterment of the Global Memon Community

WOW – Wonder of Women; (Led by Sana Shakoor) is a Women Empowernment Program as Women experience a unique set of challenges on their path to success mainly because of lack of capital-traditional sources of finance and inadequate knowledge to start an enterprise, WOW program will conduct WOW workshops globally to inspire women to realize their optimum potential.

IYEP-International Youth Education Program; (Led by Dania Hanif) is a program which focuses on education as it’s a powerful weapon of change. Program has plans of training youth in oratory skills, academic excellence and also provide vocational trainings and various projects are planned and executed such as Parliamentary Debate competition, WMO Wellness program, Buddy System, etc to ensure youth are fully equipped to face the challenges of this competitive world.

Memon Veypari (Led by Osman Razzak) is a program designed to not only create educated entrepreneurs by training them with entrepreneurial skills but also to provide a platform to facilitate the entrepreneurs of our community and connect them with investors to encourage shariah compliant Memon investment structures.

Sports (Led by Salmaan Hussain) “It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up, Sports teaches teamwork, boosts self esteem, and even unites the divided. Projects like MPL and IYC are prime examples of unity within the community.” Projects includes MPL in India, An International Billiards Competition, Cricket Scholarship Programs & much more.

Memoni Language and Culture (Led by Reassa Gutta) a dedicated team is formed to work in bringing-out the first-ever Memonilexicon.

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