Hassan S Darvesh: Forbes Middle East #32 Top Indian Leaders Arab World – 2015

by on 30 April 2015

We stand up and applaud the remarkable achievement of Mr. Hassan S Darvesh for cementing the 32nd  position on the Forbes list of Top Indian Leaders in the Arab World – 2015. WMO extends its heartiest congratulations and wishes the Darvesh family, ever greater success in the years ahead. It is truly a proud occasion for the World Memon Organisation and the Memon Community to have one of its own on the elite Forbes list.

Hassan S Darvesh is the chairman of Darvesh, a 105 year old global business house. As an accomplished entrepreneur with over 41 years of international business experience and leading the organisation, his humility and dynamic vision has made him the leader he is today.

He chairs the board of Darvesh’s international operations which have headquarters in Capetown (Africa operations),Dubai (Asia and Middle East operations) and Portugal (Europe operations).

Darvesh has different business verticals such as industries,investments,trading and technology making it a diversified group of companies.

More Info: http://www.forbesmiddleeast.com/en/lists/people/pname/hassan-s-darvesh/pid/84010

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