GYW Recruitment Drive for Regional Youth Executives in Pakistan

by on 26 February 2018

WMO – Global Youth Wing Application   Amendments Related to GYW 2017

Dear Memon Youth – PAKISTAN REGION

Assalaamu Alaykum

Following up on our WMO Global Youth Wing Launch event held in Karachi on 21st January 2018 we are pleased to announce the commencement of the recruitment drive for Regional Youth Executives in the Pakistan Chapter.

The process will be as set out in the WMO Constitution and the Standing Orders which we request you familiarize yourself with and have made available for your convenience. We draw your attention to a specific clause;

SO 3.8.9 With reference to Standing Orders SO 3.8.7 and SO 3.8.8, the maximum number of Regional Youth Executives (including for each Regional Chapter the one Regional Youth Executive who has been appointed to serve as a member of the RMC of the Regional Chapter in which he or she resides and as an appointed member of the MC) who can be appointed for each region is as follows:

Pakistan : not more than 20 Youth Executives to be appointed as per the process highlighted in the constitution.

Selection Criteria:
As per the newly revised constitution of the WMO and the Standing Orders we are now inviting applications for Regional Youth Executives for Pakistan Chapter.

The application must be submitted on the prescribed form (as attached) and include a copy of the candidate’s Curriculum Vitae. Any Memon Youth can apply who is a Pakistan National residing in that region and who is aged between 18-40 years. No other formal qualifications are required.

Please send your completed application form and CV to the following email addresses:

Shahid Sangani, WMO Chief Operating Officer
[email protected]

Reeda Sheikhani, GYW Secretary
[email protected]

Once received, the applications shall be reviewed and appointments shall be made in accordance with the order and procedure laid out in the Constitution & Standing Orders. Please note the deadline for the submission of the applications is Sunday, 18th March 2018 extended until Saturday 31st March 2018. We will be start announcing the appointments from 31st March 2018.

In case you have any relevant queries please feel free to reach out to the above email addresses.

Jazaak Allahu Khairun
Warm Regards

Bashir Sattar
Founding Trustee & Chairman Global Youth Wing – WMO

WMO – Global Youth Wing Application   Amendments Related to GYW 2017

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