From the Desk of the President: The Legacy Projects

by on 17 October 2017

The goal isn’t to live forever, it is to create something that will.

It is on this firm belief that we announced the WMO Legacy Projects at the recently concluded AGM in Ras Al Khaimah and Alhamdulillah, we are truly pleased to announce an overwhelming response to these remarkable endeavours.

  • One of our own Trustee/Exco Member with a heart of gold launched our Dubai University project with the first million dollar donation. We had just embarked on the path to build something that would outlive us all. On making this historic announcement, the floodgates opened. A huge thank you to him for leading the way, he prefers to remain anonymous and we pray that the Almighty bless him abundantly for his magnanimous generosity.


  • Mr. Majid Ranani, one of our patrons and a WMO stalwart offered to construct a housing project of 25 homes for the needy in India. He has donated the land and fifty per cent of the costs towards the construction, Ehsan Gadawala – VP WMO India Chapter pledged 25 per cent of the costs and our ever dependable super twins of the Middle East Chapter – the Shaikhani brothers offered to complete our first project, funding the remaining 25 per cent. We are ever grateful to all of them as our first project was off the ground barely 24 hours after announcing the launch.


  • Before we could even come to terms with the wonderful news, Mr. Majid Ranani offered another project with 24 homes for our underprivileged brothers and sisters in India by providing the land and fifty per cent funding, our humble and generous Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Haroon Karim topped it up with 25 percent of the construction costs and Mr. Iqbal Tabani got our second project up and running by offering the remaining 25 percent. We are eternally grateful to our dear brothers.


  • Our new trustee and Duke of India, Mr. Tanveer Merchant magnanimously offered to build our second MITI (Memon Industrial and Technical Institute) in Mumbai. He will provide the land and fifty per cent of the construction costs. Adding to the good news, our newly appointed VP of India Chapter – Mr. Ehsan Gadawala offered to contribute 25 per cent of the remaining costs hence we are on our way to getting a second prestigious WMO vocational training centre established in india. Jazakallah to all these families with a heart of gold.


  • Mr. Farook Kassim our Veteran trustee and latest Exco member is in positive discussions with the UAE authorities to conclude a private, public participation agreement whereby the local authorities will provide the land and substantial funding for our very own MCC, MEMON Convention Centre/WMO Centre in South DUBAI. WMO too will provide several million dollars towards this project. All this has happened in the last 24 hours, we are deeply indebted to our dear brother and we all pray for a favourable and swift conclusion. Insha Allah.


  • Our dear brother Haroon Karim whose generosity remains unparalleled has donated 5 flats from his Ras Al Khaimah housing project to WMO. Alhamdulillah! What can one say to such generosity, just a huge thank you, please carry on with this bountiful spirit of giving and may you be blessed with much more.


  • Our dear brother – Mr. Haroon Mahomed, newly appointed Middle East Chapter Treasurer became a WMO trustee, by way of donating a flat in his majestic Dubai Village development project. Thank you brother for your unreserved dedication towards WMO.


  • The cherry on the cake, Mr. Hassan Darvesh, doyen of industry and global entrepreneur has become a trustee, his better half – Maimoona Darvesh is our new international ladies wing president. What an amazing couple, my heartfelt gratitude to our dear brother and sister, you undoubtedly add immense value to wmo


  • We are in positive discussions to establish a high school in india and will announce the good news soon. Insha Allah.


The last 72 hours have been a revelation. I have been astounded with the overwhelming response to the legacy projects, the remarkable generosity and strong allegiance to WMO from all these distinguished families. May they all be blessed with all they desire, they have set a new benchmark in philanthropy for others to follow.

I have requested my fellow brothers, Mr. Ashraf Sattar, Mr. Farook Kassim and Mr. Haroon Karim to work together with me, to follow up and ensure that all these projects are implemented in time to leave behind an everlasting legacy. What we do for us, dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.

This is only the beginning as we delve into a new era of noteworthy projects to touch and change lives across the globe.

Once again, I am eternally grateful to all, for attending and making our 15th WMO AGM a memorable and unforgettable event. A big thank you to our Middle East Chapter for making it a flawless event

The work now begins for all the newly elected office bearers across the WMO world. Please remember that it is our selfless work towards Humanity that will serve as an enduring legacy for all future generations.


Your Brother,


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  • feizul ayob
    17 October 2017 at 7:25 am

    Apart from the B2B that was a tremendous success,The President,Mr Solly Noor in all his vibrancy motivated the legacy projects that has now created a WMO that all Memons want to and need to belong.
    The AGM in Dubai of the year 1439 (Islamic) 2017 will be remebered as the turning point in the activities and strengthing of WMO.
    Compliments and best wishes to all the participants and contributors.
    May Allah(swt) bless all the administrators and members.
    Feizul Ayob
    Africa Chapter


  • 17 October 2017 at 7:13 pm

    Dear Solly Bha

    It was wonderful event & Nice meeting with you at Ras al khaima, UAE Alhumdolillah 1st B2B Conference Memon Business Man meet Memon business Man was fabulous إن شاء الله it will keep continue for long.

    WMO it’s a only International Memon Association Amd we Proud to work under Solly bhaa’s leadership.

    Solly Bha and Team Congratulations for everything. ???

    Abdulla Janoohasan (Gadawala)


  • Naseem Shekhani
    19 October 2017 at 6:46 pm

    Great Job Solly Noor.


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