Food Packs Delivered to Local Charities in the UK for Further Distribution

by on 15 February 2021

Under the WMO Food Program, the food packs were delivered to local charities in the UK for further distribution to the less-fortunate, the homeless, the needy and the underprivileged.

As a responsible organization we are strictly following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) during the pandemic, encouraging social distancing and avoiding gatherings that break the lockdown protocols. Hence delivering the food parcels to local charities was the most efficient and safest form of distribution.

Along with the top brass of the WMO Europe Chapter, even the ladies wing joined in with the children to move the food parcels to the vans that were parked outside the Memon Center in Balham. The vans duly transported the food packs to the local charities. The Memon Center has served as the storage and packing zone for the food parcels thanks to the cooperation of Mr. Shabbir Wali Mohammad (President – Memon Association UK)

The WMO Food Program is yet another global initiative that firmly underlines the evolution of WMO from an organization that was founded to uplift the Memon Community to an institution that Serves all Mankind.

Mr. Mahmood Shaikhani – Deputy President (WMO) eloquently articulates the sentiment as he delivers the address to the ARY network. The World Memon Organisation transcends countries, boundaries, religion, community, caste, colour, race and creed. We Serve Humanity.

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