Dharussalaam Maha Vidyalaya

by on 31 December 2019

The World Memon Organisation firmly believes that your Alma Mater plays a vital role in shaping you into the Person you become in Life. Your teachers impart the important lessons for life, you are introduced to your life long friends, you get a taste of your favourite sporting activity, you realise if you are inclined towards theatre and can become the next George Clooney or you are enticed by technology to become the next Bill Gates.

In a nutshell your school is your breeding ground and the world is your stage. You build a foundation in your early years to shape the future and chart your destiny. That is the reason why WMO pays a lot of attention towards the development of this important institution of learning during the formative years of life.

The story of this school began a 100 years ago in the city of Colombo.

The year was 1916 when Mr. M.A.C.Mohamed inaugurated the school. It was named and based on the Denham English School with just three teachers and 8 children.

As the years passed by and the number of students increased, the school was conducted over 2 sessions. The institution grew in prominence as the students excelled in education, sports and other extra-curricular activities.

Unfortunately by 1933 there was no one to look after or maintain the school. The government stepped in, renamed it Dharussalaam Maha Vidyalaya and changed the medium of instruction from English to Sinhalese and Tamil.

However with time and a multitude of reasons, including the parents’ lack of interest, local issues and bad administration, the standard of education and discipline dropped. The government was unable to provide a new building and classes were conducted in a temporary shed.

In 2012 the Past-Pupils Association was formed and they collaborated with the Serendib Schools Development Foundation (SSDF) to improve the precipitously deteriorating condition of the school. A blue print was designed for the development of education and infra-structure for the school

On the initiative of Mr Majid Ali Mohamed of Eurochairty, the World Memon Organization arrived on the scene in 2013. Together, they organised extra-classes in core-subjects, sports activities and even conducted a breakfast programme for 140 needy children. They also provided the bulk of the funds for the construction of a new three-storey building to house class rooms.

26th January 2014 marked the beginning of the construction of the three-storey building comprising of 9 classrooms. It was completed in quick time and classes commenced on the 5th of September in the same year.

A computer lab with 35 computers was added in June 2015.

On the 100th anniversary, a new wing comprising of classrooms with modern amenities and an auditorium will be built with the support of the WMO and SSDF. The project will cost over Forty Million Sri Lankan Rupees.

On the 25th of January 2016, the foundation stone laying ceremony of the new wing was graced by his Excellency, the President of Sri Lanka, Mr. Maithripala Sirisena. Accompanying him were WMO trustees Mr M.H. Omar, Mr Eliyas Kareem and all prominent members of the WMO Far East Chapter.

In the future there are plans for a library and a science laboratory. With the Grace of Allah we hope to provide an excellent education balanced with appropriate extra-curricular activities to make the students, responsible citizens of the motherland.

Fittingly the theme for the centennial year is “Uplifting Lives through Education”. Working on this firm belief, the World Memon Organisation has contributed millions of dollars for over a decade towards educating thousands of students across the globe.

The Dharussalaam Maha Vidayalay is yet another example of WMO’s endeavours to spread the light of education to the far corners of the earth.

  1. The Endeavours of the World Memon Organisation towards Dharussalaam Maha Vidyalaya over the past few years:
    During the year 2014, a 4 storied building was constructed at the cost of US$ 100,000 accommodating 9 class rooms, a principal’s office, staff room etc.
  2. WMO Far East Chapter has continued to assist in: Providing daily breakfast to deserving children; Providing extra coaching for students during examination time including additional classes after school hours; Supporting extracurricular activities, mainly Sports. Providing sporting equipment, conducting practice sessions, appointing an effective coach and providing meals to the players. Estimated cost for all the above works out to USD 40,000 per annum.
  3. WMO FC has also undertaken steps to develop the Infra structure of the school at an estimated cost of USD 1.6 million which includes providing 39 class rooms, an auditorium, a fully equipped science laboratory, library and several other amenities such as wash rooms and a dining area.
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