Beauty and the Best

by on 16 March 2017

Be it the exuberant youth or the sagacious adolescence, the chivalrous masculine patriarchy or the benevolent fairer-gender; WMO has inspired and touched the modern-day society in all its manifold variants. Culmination of such endeavors could well be witnessed in the form of a recent development; The WMO Ladies Wing Pakistan chapter Event, where the finest individuals from the les feminine cared neither for pain nor for expense to educate, entertain and enlighten the ladies of the memon community.

The episode occasioned its happening in the sumptuous settings at Mrs Zeba Dawood’s house; which proved to be a very fitting venue as it added much to the aura and appeal of the program. Proceedings went under-way with an attempt to seek divine intervention as Ms. Abida Punjwani, who is an active and energetic ladies wing member, lent her voice for a recital of supplication.

Using the gift of gab, Ms. Dania Hanif, took to the podium to officiate the event. With her becoming eloquence and her characteristic élan; she engaged the audience in a spell-bound séance as she gently bordered on the various, recent efforts of the clan in question. Some of the most noteworthy developments were The recent AGM in Dubai and a project in the verdure valley of Kashmir. The latter was of significant importance as it involved a donation of an ambulance, allowing the residents to receive urgent medical attention. Mrs. Aisha Anwar, Chairperson Pakistan chapter, was then called upon to share her vision with the participants. With her rank fore-sightedness, she actually unraveled the real essence of the upcoming events; and thus indicating why they were part of the future-plan. Though it was a succinct session, it did justice in terms of making the members realize that the reigns of the Ladies Wing were in able and capable hands.

“Time is a great healer, but a poor beautician”, so runs an old adage. Preservation of the prized item that beauty is remains a relentless chore; especially amongst the women. In order to lend a professional and in-depth insight into the matter under question, the deft and surgical services of Dr. Bilquis were brought to the case. From the stylized salons running in the major thorough-fares in the city to her ever-telling presence on both social and electronic media, Dr. Bilquis has become a tremendous influence in the field of skin-care and beauty-treatment using herbal methods. Instead of delving into a verbose monologue, Dr. Bilquis, the innovator she is, let the audience dart questions at her, involving matters that continue to puzzle them. She was very definitive and authoritative in her responses, apprising the listeners with alternate herbal remedies, which of course posed no side-effects as well. It was an interesting sight to observe as all ladies in the audience were quiet for a change and were busy taking notes about herbal remedies for common issues prevailing these days such as premature hair greying, low/high blood pressure remedies, skin care regimes, coughing/chest congestion and other common sickness which are curable by herbal treatments.

The affair, both in terms of its content and conduction, proved to be an undisputedly success. Dr. Bilquis was also proffered a token of love and appreciation by Mrs Aisha Anwar and WMO Ladies Wing Pakistan Chapter for taking out time from her extremely busy schedule.

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