21 Beaming Couples Tied the Knot at the Mass Marriage Ceremony Organised by WMO North India Chapter

by on 15 March 2021
21 beaming couples tied the knot at the mass marriage ceremony organised by WMO North India Chapter and the local Jamaat in Gadhada, Gujarat.
“The time has come to put an end to extravagant marriage ceremonies, rather the funds should be invested in creating a brighter future for the soon to be wedded couple. Mass Marriages are the answer, they ease the financial burden on the families and are a step in the right direction.” asserts Mr. Hasin Agadi (Regional Treasurer – WMO North India Chapter)
WMO India Chapter has set the benchmark for others to follow. We hope it leads to many more happy, memorable and eternal unions. We pray that it roots out the archaic social evil of lavish spending on garish wedding ceremonies and paves the path to abolish the demonic dowry system that devours thousands of impoverished families, each year in India.
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