Ramadan Iftar Camp


The Middle East Chapter of WMO has lead by example and always from the front, when it comes to Serving Mankind.

The Ramadan Iftar Camp is an annual event on the Middle East Chapter Calendar. Thousands of Muslim brothers are provided a meal as they gather to break their fast at these camps.

These brothers are mostly poor migrant workers employed in the bustling Middle East construction industry. They toil laboriously throughout the day, without food and water, building skyscrapers that will soon adorn the Dubai skyline whilst religiously fasting under the hot desert sun.

In 2015, one camp was set up and 37,500 meals were served through out the Holy month. Followed by two camps in 2016, at Sounapur and Dubai Investment Park, wherein 75,000 meals were distributed during the 30 day tenure. In 2017, another camp will be set up in Ajman and the number of meals will cross 6 figures to almost 110,000.

PepsiCo International has joined hands with the World Memon Organisation for the cause of the Ramadan Iftar Camp, in yet another example of a prestigious multinational endorsing and offering steadfast support to the Global Humanitarian Endeavours of WMO.

Please donate towards this worthy cause of “Feeding the Fasting” in the Holy month of Ramadan.