Medical Care under the Khidmat Trust


“I was blessed to have the opportunity to visit the Khidmat charitable trust and witness the great medical work being carried out by my brothers. To say that I was moved, to say that I had tears in my eyes when I saw the plight of the afflicted who come to seek medical treatment, is a gross understatement.”

Mr. Nowsad Gani (Deputy President WMO) recalled his visit to the Khidmat trust in Mumbai with profound empathy, during his address at the Gala dinner hosted by the India Chapter.

Kidney Dialysis Centre

He went on to add,“But at the same time I was proud that this benevolent work is being carried out by my own Memon brothers, not just for our community but for all Humanity!”

The Khidmat charitable trust has been in existence for over 2 decades, providing effective medical and health care to the poor and needy. This is a multi million dollar charitable organisation that promptly addresses the medical needs of the underprivileged, across India. From free medicines to diagnostic tests, from providing kidney dialysis to a sizeable number of afflicted brothers and sisters, on a daily basis at zero costs, to making life saving surgeries possible for the less fortunate. Everything is taken care of under one roof.

Kidney Dialysis Centre

“We support Life. We strongly believe that every human being has the right to quality medical care. Our vision is a World without suffering.” asserts Mr. Hamid Nathani (VP WMO India Chapter) who is an integral part of Khidmat trust.

Kindly donate your Zakat towards the pertinent cause of SAVING LIVES. Your contributions will make the difference between life and death.

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