Housing & Rehabilitation


There can never be a greater joy than to be a member of a community that takes care of its own.
Today, all around the world, our less fortunate Memon brothers and sisters know they can begin each day with hope in the knowledge that they are part of an extended family who are selflessly committed to their welfare and that through Allah’s blessings, never need stay ‘less fortunate’ for long.

Indeed, the WMO, from its global community and Zakat funding initiatives, have brought succour and redress to many critical areas of their lives that may otherwise have gone unnoticed and unaddressed.

Yet, so much more needs to be done.

For instance, were you aware that despite our commitment and dedication, thousands of Memons in India and Pakistan are homeless or living far below what constitutes the acceptable standard for a house let alone the poverty line?

The little things we take for granted are alien to their existence.

Locking the doors at night or closing the windows to keep the rain out is like science fiction. If you ask them for their postal address, they have none to give you. The bathroom is not a room. There is no wall to hang a picture. Nobody eats at the dining table, sleeps in a bed or watches TV from a sofa. Things are not kept in a cupboard or placed on a shelf. A bag has to be used.

Right now, in our own community, in our own backyards so to speak, this is the reality 20,000 destitute Memon families wake up to everyday.

But need not anymore. Since 2004, WMO through its chapters in India, Far East (Sri Lanka) and Pakistan has been at the fore front in providing shelter to our brothers and sisters in these regions.

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