$2 Million Housing Aid

by on 19 September 2013

Since 2004, the WMO Rehabilitation Committee has scrutinized and processed over 2,800 2,795 out of the 7,225 applications and approved financial assistance to 1,427 applicants.

The WMO Pakistan Chapter regularly holds an open house on Tuesdays to meet with applicants to review their status of applications and also listen to their woes. A visit to WMO House on a Tuesday will bring tears in your eyes when you listen to the pathetic cases of various applicants.

On an average, 10 percent of the families have one or two daughters who are divorced and live with their parents. It is difficult to imagine how they all live together in small houses along with their young daughters. It is painful to note that some families have put their daughters in orphanages.

To date over US$ 2.0M has been disbursed as Hosuing Aid in Pakistan over the years.

Initially, the WMO Rehabilitation Scheme used to provide a maximum of Rs. 400,000/- per applicant but this has been increased to Rs. 700,000 due to rising costs. It is estimated that out of the 4,452 remaining applications, about 2,000 applicants will be provided with financial assistance for housing, for which an amount of Rs. 1.8 billion (US $ 18 million) will be required.

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