The word of Holy Quran “IQRA” signifies the importance of acquiring knowledge. “IQRA” means read, seek knowledge and educate yourself. Keeping in mind the concept of “IQRA” WMO India chapter initiated the education project.

As we know that the children are the future of a community and they are the one who can easily be moulded. They have the enthusiasm aspire high. Considering the aspect WMO India initiated with and Educational Program in the year 2009 to 20010 with collaboration with Natthini Charitable Fund.

To adopt modern changes that are taking place in Society with respect to modern education we also have to develop our strength to cope with those situations. Even many research studies have indicated that education status of muslims in india is very low compared to other comeeties. For improving the educational status of our children, we provide scholarship through our Education Project. Children who are studying in grade 8 and onwards are eligible to scholarship. Even childrens of single mothers (Window, Divorced and Separated) whoa re studying in below 8th grade are reciving scollership from WMO.Through this program we want to develope the capacity of students so they are able to compete nationally as well as globally.

Process followed for the education project:

  • As the application are received they are first registered
  • Then the applications are passed to the Project Exevatives who are in charge of the specific grades.
  • The project executive then verifies each case. They contact the parents and get to know about the family and check with the school authorities fees the student requires.
  • Students whow ant to do Higher Education and are applying for the first time. Are called for an interview on Mumbai Office. Students who are unable to clear one subject and are allowed to keep Term (ATKT) are also called for an face to face interview to know the reason for the failure.
  • The final approval of scholarships are then done and awarded to the respective students.

In the year of 2010-2011 total 2345 number of students were bing supported by the scholarship till the end of October 2010, of which 182 students are of SIngle Mothers. Total applications received during this time interval was 4794.

Future Plans

Software has been developed where students can submit their applications online. The database can be used by members, by admins by donors and even y students.

Download Committee Education Report

Download The Scholarship Report