WMO Middle East Chapter Ramadan Zakat Appeal


Education Scholarship

WMO Middle East Chapter is committed to help the under privileged Students see possibilities beyond what they experience every day. we work to give them the opportunity to make a difference in their lives and communities.

Housing & Rehabilitation

WMO Middle East Chapter has Recognised the need to proactively address housing and rehabilitation issues. this project will
provide houses and support for vulnerable, low-income families in our community.

Ration bag distribution

WMO Middle East Chapter will distribute ration bags consisting of staple food items to the under privileged families, during Ramadan.

Ramadan Iftar camp (UAE)

The Ramadan Iftar Camp is an annual event on the Calendar of WMO Middle East Chapter. Thousands of Muslim brothers toil throughout the day under the scorching sun are provided a meal as they gather to break their fast at these Iftar camps. This is a Non-Zakat projects.