Specialist Committee: Membership Development

Mr. Ashraf Satar Vice Chairman BOT +94777372480 ashraf@fergasam.com
Mr Feizul Ayub Vice President +27825664123 feizul@armystores.co.za
Mr. Gaffar Variend Vice President +16309153040 ghaffar@memonpoint.com
Mr Imran Panawala Vice President +447957509593 panaawala@yahoo.com
Dr Haroon Admani Vice President +94777896949 dr.haroon55@gmail.com
Mr Ahmed Shaikhani Vice President +971508811771 ashaikhani@gmail.com
Mr Ehsan Gadawala Vice President +919967999777 ehsan@alaindia.in
Mr. Abdul Azeez Vice President +919841078610 azeez@aie-group.com
Mr Husain Lawai Vice President +923222800000 lawai@summitbank.com

Scope/terms of responsibilities

  1. Membership Drive to increase the Total Membership of WMO by 100% in the next one year (2,500 Members)
  2. Arrange Road Shows (Domestic/International) to expand reach to new territories/countries eg : USA, Canada, Portugal, Malawi, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh
  3. Regular Communication to the Members with the support of the Marketing & Communication Team
  4. Increase the benefits to Members – Hotline, Loyalty schemes (Local & International), Support and Assist services on Overseas travel etc
  5. Creating a Global System of Cloud Based Membership Management and data base for information, fee collection, issue of Membership Cards etc
  6. Standardizing the Membership Forms, Welcome letters etc